But what if I screw up!?


I know this is a concern MANY people have.
What if I screw up trying to make money and







Let me be super clear on this: you WILL fail.

Yes. I did just say that.

I guarantee you will fail.

At some point or another, you will fail to make
money. You might even lose it.

But you know what? Failure is PART of success IF
you use it.

Failure is an extremely effective teacher.

See, the difference between someone who fails
miserably and quits and someone who goes on to
be successful is actually pretty simple.

The person who goes on to be successful doesn’t
give up. He learns from his mistakes. He says, “What
did I do wrong? What could I do better?”

THOSE are the people who will make it.

In my time, I have made a LOT of mistakes. I’ve even
lost money on bad products, ads that weren’t effective,

I guarantee it will happen to you too.

But what will YOU do when you fail? What will YOU do
if a product launch isn’t as successful as you want or you
lose money on an ad?

Will you give up on this internet marketing thing?

Or will you keep moving forward, learning from the past
in anticipation of the future.

As I said in my last email, I’m here for you if you need me.

I would be thrilled to help you get started. I’m only a call or
an email away.

Let’s do this!


Keep moving forward


In the last post, I told you that taking action is
critical if you want to succeed.







I could teach you all day, but if you don’t DO
what is necessary, you won’t make a cent.

You can hope and wish all you want, but until
you put the training into action, you won’t make

Does that describe you?

Have you been looking at this internet thing for a while
but haven’t really taken any action – haven’t actually
done the work needed to get started?

What is holding you back?

Is there something I can do to help you?

Look, I know for a lot of people the idea of making
money from the internet seems weird, and maybe a
bit scary.

Maybe you need someone to hold your hand and help
you get set up.

I get it. Some people can jump right into the boat and
paddle away like they were born on the water. Some people
need hand holding and reassurance that they can do this.

If that’s you, if you need that reassurance, don’t be ashamed.

As I’ve said before, I’m here to help you. I’m just a normal
guy like you. When I first got into this, I had my doubts and

I wasn’t always where I am today.

If you would like some help, please get in touch with me.
I’m only one email away.

I want to help you succeed and meet your goals.

Will you let me do that?

Moving forward,

Nobody can make this work


…but YOU. So many people in this
industry have the idea that this stuff is easy
and that no work is required to really get results.

Champions team

Champions team






It’s true that there are ways to get great results
without working yourself crazy. Absolutely.

But don’t get the idea that you don’t have to do

Even the best tools and systems and products
required WORK from you and me.

I can teach you to get subscribers from Youtube.
You still have to do your part.

I can teach you how to get clicks and buyers to your
affiliate link. That info is worthless if you don’t use it.

I can teach you to build a list of buyers. But if you do
nothing with that instruction, will you get anywhere?


That goes for any kind of training online or offline.

If you don’t take action, you won’t get anywhere.

This is not an industry for lazy people! But it’s also an
industry in which you can do very well IF you take action.

So which are you? Lazy or an action taker?

Think it over!

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3 Route To Make Backend Sales

Backend sales are some of the most profitable sales you can construct. They allow you to construct multiple sales to the same customer with only a bit more work and endeavour on you part. These backend sales can be for your own products, or other people’s products that you are an affiliate for. There are three main ways to construct those sales.

Promote Inside Your Products

The first style you can start constructing backend sales is by mentioning and promoting other products within your own products. For instance, if you’re writing an eBook on writing Kindle books, you could promote conversion software that takes your term the documentation and turns them into kindle ready files. If you’re teaching a course on how to start a blog, you may want to promote your favorite hosting company. You could also mention follow up products toward the end or your course where you teach them how to set up a listing, or how was put forward with a social media strategy.

Promote On Download Pages and Create One Time Offers

Another great place to promote your products and start constructing backend sales is on your download pages. You can both provide the download information and then follow up with one or a few related offers or you can put in a special one-time offer( OTO ).

Here’s how an OTO usually works. A customer buys product a. After the buy goes through, instead of the download page, the objective is redirected to a special sales page where you thank them for their buy and make an offer. It’s basically a slightly modified sales page. Make sure the offer is closely related to what they already bought, and build in some sort of scarcity. Usually this means that they get a discount if they take you up on the offer right now. Toward the end of the sales page, you should also give them the option to deterioration the offer. Either the person takes the offer and is then redirected to a page to download both products, or they decline and go straight to the download page for the product they already bought. This is a great way to make a backend marketing right away and greatly increase the value of each customer.

Send Emails For Related Offers

By far the best available style to construct frequent backend sales is email marketing. Start by promoting each product to your existing customer base each time you launch. Then make it a point to mention older products periodically to your entire listing, or even better to all that has not yet bought this particular product. Another great strategy is to set up follow up auto-responders for each product. Maintain adding more and more email messages to this a/ r and promote both your own products, and related offers that you are an affiliate for. Over period you can great a steady and ever-increasing river of backend sales from the auto-responder emails. Best of all, you do the work once, and you’re done.

Two Keys to Happy Website Visitors

As a website owner you are trying to make sure your guests are happy. Happy guests stay on your website longer. They come back for repeat visits. And of course they buy from your website. When it comes to a website’s structure, there are two elements that can build or break your user experience.

# 1 Quick loading times

There’s nothing that squashes a visitor’s happiness faster than not being able to loading a website page. If the page doesn’t come up speedily, your visitor is run. We’ve grown accustomed to instant gratification online. If your web page takes longer than a few seconds to load, you may miss out on valuable prospects and guests. They won’t be happy while they’re waiting for your pages to load.

So what can you do to ensure quick loading hours?

* Reduce and minimise your graphics . Make sure a graphic takes up no more than 10 k on any given page.

* Don’t use flash . Many website decorators still turn to flash to add interest. Don’t do it. It takes too long to load. If you do use it, make sure you give your guests the opportunity to click through and skip the show.

* Use plug-ins sparingly . There are a number of really useful plug-ins. However, they’re bulky and can slow down your loading time. They can also distract from your web page’s purpose and make it look cluttered. If you’re going to use a plug-in, make sure it supports your goals for that page. And make sure it enhances the visitor experience.

# 2 Easy navigation

The other thing that induces guests happy is a website that’s easy to navigate. Straightforward and intuitive website navigation can be difficult to accomplish. The following tips can help you get the job done.

* Eliminate clutter – Many times a web page has so much going on that the visitor isn’t sure what the page’s intent is. Are they supposed to look at ads? Fill out a form? Read an article? Make sure your web pages have a purpose. Then make sure that page is to support that intent. Everything from the formatting to the add-ons can add or detract from your page’s purpose.

* Intuitive buttons – The buttons on your page are there to guide your reader deeper into your website. Therefore they must make sense to the visitor. One of the best ways to ensure your buttons are easy to understand is to build them keywords. Keywords are likely what depicted your visitor to your website. They’re what the person is using to search for and find information. Create categories and subcategories with your keywords. That way your user is able to easily find the information they’re looking for.

When your guests are able to navigate your website with ease, they’ll stay longer. If they’re able to find the information they’re looking for without conflict and annoyance, they’ll return again and again.

When you blend a straightforward layout with quick loading hours, you’re well on your way to devoting guests a very pleasant experience. Happy guests turn into happy clients. Take a look at your website today. Does it build guests happy?

Three Ideas and Strategies to Devote Your Guests a Reason to Return

A website produces two main types of visitors. There are the visitors that stop by and leave. They never return again. Then there are the visitors that stop by. They bookmark your site. They sign up for your opt-in list. They subscribe to your blog. These are the visitors you want. When you can motivate more new visitors to come back, you’re on your route to converting them to customers.

The majority of people do not make a purchase the first time they visit a website. A website has to earn their trust. It has to establish credibility, liking and authority. These are all buying triggers, and for most websites they’re earned over hour. They key is to give them a reason to come back. Here are three ideas and strategies to give your visitors a reason to return.

# 1 Valuable content is definitely required . If you provide a consistent flow of great content, visitors will come back for more. However, there’s more you can do to ensure their loyalty.

# 2 Provide a free membership . Take a look at your website. Why do people visit your site? What benefit can you offer on a regular basis? Now instead of offering that information to random visitors, consider creating a membership site. Membership implies exclusivity. It also implies extra value.

When people sign up for your membership program they will receive “extra” content, products or services. For instance, you might create a” Report of the Month” club. The datum is free for members who have signed up. Each month you deliver a quality report. You can use the report to promote affiliate products and/ or your own products/ services too.


Finally, take a look at your usability features. What can you incorporated into your site or blog to make it friendlier? For instance, are other commenters advised when a comment is published to a post they also commented on? Can they forward your content to a friend? Can they publish it?

The easier you make it to interact on your site, the better. Provide great content. Enable visitors to receive more via memberships and let them share information. The more repeat traffic you have, the faster you’ll build a loyal client base.

Seven Key Elements for a Successful Landing Page

Your landing page is important. Quite often it’s the page that most guests come to first. It’s the page you may make links to. It may also be the page that the search engines pay the most attention to. Hence, it induces sense to make sure your landing page is as well designed as it can be.

There are seven key elements for a successful landing page. They each are important independently, but they work together to offer a unique and effective experience. Before you take a look at these key elements, however, it’s important to answer a question first.

What is the goal of your landing page?

Your landing page needs to have a goal – an objective. What do you want visitors to do? What action do you want them to take? There are many potentials. You may want them to:

* Dig deeper and explore your website
* Click through to a sales page
* Opt-in

Once you know what you want visitors to do, then you can make sure your landing page subsistences that goal. Now you’ll use the seven key elements. They include:

# 1 Images – The images you choose on your landing page are important. You want them to support the overall goal. Images, in the form of graphics and photos, are to be able to overwhelm a landing page and become a distraction. If you choose to use images, and they truly can enhance a landing page, make sure they support your goal. Make sure they adequately represent your brand, too. A common image to utilize might be your photo. This helps connect the reader to you. It helps brand your business and build a relationship.

# 2 Headline – Your headline is often the very first thing a visitor “il be seeing”. If it doesn’t grab their attention, then it’s not doing its job. However, in addition to grabbing their attention, the committee is also to be welcomed your page’s purpose. Take time to craft a headline. This is also an important element to test and track. Create two landing pages with two different headlines. Determine which headline is better at helping you accomplish your goal for the page.

# 3 Emotions – Emotions are what people use to induce buying decisions. They’re incredibly important if you’re trying to motivate any action. You can tap into your guests’ emotions with images and words.

# 4 Navigation – Make sure that your visitor not only knows what they’re supposed to do on your landing page, but also that they can quickly figure out how to do it. If you want people to dig deeper into your website, then make sure your buttons and call to action support that. If they cannot figure out how to get to a page that interests them, they’re going to leave.

# 5 Proof – You might notice that many of the elements of a successful landing page are also sales copy parts. This is because you are trying to motivate an action. Your landing page has a purpose. Proof can be demonstrated by:

* Awards
* Testimonials
* Endorsements
* Organization membership
* Facts and statistics

The proof you use depends on your goal. For instance, if you are trying to motivate an opt-in, then you might employ facts and statistics along with a flag ad highlighting an award your site has won. This gives you credibility.

# 6 Call to action – A call to action is required for every successful landing page. It’s the only route your readers know what they’re supposed to do next. Test it and track it for success.

# 7 Opt-in form – Finally, if your goal is to motivate an opt-in, then you must have an opt-in form on your landing page. In fact, everything on that page needs to support that goal.

Your landing page is perhaps the most important point page on your website. Make sure these components on your page support your goals and your success. Test and way various elements until you get the best results.