Common Obstacles for Senior Entrepreneurs


Senior entrepreneurs often begin their online journey out of necessity. Perhaps they involuntarily lost their jobs through no fault of their own or had to retire on a savings that’s totally inadequate for today’s cost of living.


There are certain challenges in building a business on the ‘net that are unique to some seniors. One problem is that many seniors don’t know or understand the intricacies of the new computer technology. They may flounder or become discouraged as they try to learn.

One danger of trying to learn the new technology is trying to do too much – too fast. It takes time to learn even the basics of a computer and how the Internet works. Starting a business can be a scary transition from working for someone to working for yourself and when you have the added obstacle of learning a new technology, it can be very daunting.

Luckily, starting a business on the ‘net doesn’t require breaking the bank with startup costs. If you have a computer and access to the Internet, you’re already well on your way to gaining the business acumen you’ll need.

Websites and other types of help exist that promote senior entrepreneurial activities and offer solutions to any and all problems seniors may face. At first, seniors are intimidated by all they have to learn to become an online entrepreneur.

They’re afraid they may not have the mental prowess, business acumen or energy to make an online business work. They also don’t want to take on financial burdens and run a risk of losing their savings.

Most media stories tend to focus on younger entrepreneurs such as guru, Mark Zuckerberg, who became a young billionaire by introducing Facebook – a socializing network used the world over.

But, there are plenty of senior entrepreneurs who have been enormously successful with startup businesses. At the very least, seniors can easily supplement their retirement income and live a better lifestyle than before the Internet made it possible to become successful with home-based businesses.

It’s a fact that age isn’t a factor in Internet startup businesses. If you have the passion and can make a commitment to learn and utilize all that computers and the Internet has to offer, you can profit during financially tough times.

Don’t be content to waste the best years of your life living a financially strapped and lackadaisical lifestyle. Shakespeare wrote, “Leisure is a fine garment for a day, but is horrible daily attire.” Learn how the Internet can help make you into a senior entrepreneur.

Building Your List With Facebook

I’m sure by now you’re ready and anxious to get busy driving traffic to your opt-in page or the opt-in form on your blog. Today we’ll get started with that by using the most popular social media site out there – Facebook. You’ll get the best results from today’s exercise if you already have a decent following on Facebook. If you don’t, that’s ok. Add it to your list of things to work on going forward and in time you will see good results.

Success Ideas Teamwork Plans Signpost Shows Business Plans And Organization

Success Ideas Teamwork Plans Signpost Shows Business Plans And Organization

There are two different ways to regularly grow your list with Facebook. The first is a set up once and be done method, the second requires some posting on your part on a regular basis. I recommend you use both to make the best use of Facebook.

Setting Up An Opt-in Tab For Facebook

As you grow your audience on your Facebook page, you want to make it easy for them to sign up for your list. A great way to do this is to provide them with an opt-in form right on your Facebook page. Most autoresponder services make this easy to do. Here’s the tutorial for Aweber.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you do. You create a new opt-in form within the Aweber interface. Then log into Facebook, go to your page, and add the Aweber app to your page. From there you’ll log into your Aweber account, pick the list you want to work with and finally chose the opt-in form you want to display.

The entire process won’t take you more than 30 minutes and you’ll have yet another channel set up that will send new subscribers to your list.

Mentioning Your List and Lead Magnet In Your Facebook Posts

Another great way to build your list regularly via Facebook is to mention your list, your newsletter, and your lead magnet regularly along with some info and a link back to your site where your readers can sign up.

While the opt-in form tab will only work on Facebook pages (not on your personal profile or in any groups you manage or participate in), this second method will work anywhere anytime. Don’t spam your audience, but don’t be afraid to casually mention your list. Focus on the benefits for your subscribers. For example, if you share a tip or case-study each week, mention that on occasion, or share part of the tip or case study on Facebook along with an invitation to join your list to get more tips and case studies like this.

Leveraging Facebook is a great way to get in front of your audience, in a place where they are already hanging out online and then getting them back to your site and on your list.

Baby Boomers Love the Freedom That Comes with Being an Online Entrepreneur


Baby boomers are unique in history. Most are refusing to retire like their ancestors – accepting the gold watch and then reclining in a chair for the rest of their lives. Boomers are active, both mentally and physically, and are leaving their own footprints on the world.


Best of all, boomers are enjoying the innate freedom that comes from being an online entrepreneur. At approximately 80 million (and growing), boomers are meeting their retirement years with entrepreneurial mindsets.

They’re using the computer and the ‘net to restart their lives and supplement their incomes. The freedom they enjoy stems from having more time to devote to other pursuits besides work and focusing on making money for their retirement.

Instead, they’re making money and concentrating on building businesses that they can be proud of and learn from. These new retirees are used to making an impact on the world in which they live and now they’re redefining retirement by becoming successful online entrepreneurs.

They’re enjoying the traveling and setting their own hours that being an online entrepreneur affords them and also realizing a life-long desire of owning their own businesses.

Most boomers are completely comfortable with computers and the Internet, which gives them a huge advantage in starting an online business. As past employees of various companies that use computers, they’ve learned and honed the skills necessary to make money online and share their knowledge rather than having it go to waste.

Boomers no longer have to risk their life savings to open a shop or spend a wealth of money on the knowledge and skills they need to begin a business. What they know now will see them comfortably through their retirement years if they use that knowledge wisely.

Building and nurturing online businesses also boost the boomers’ enthusiasm for life and excitement about owning their own businesses and supplementing their retirement incomes enough to enjoy their retirement years rather than dread them.

Information exists to help the new online entrepreneur overcome hurdles and gather knowledge about starting an online business. Make sure you double check any information and beware of online scams that offer immediate success.

Financial growth, security and the freedom to set your own hours and determine your own wealth are just some of the reasons that baby boomers are flocking to the Internet to become online entrepreneurs.

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5 Monetization Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As you work to monetize your content, keep these things in mind to help you stay on the right track.

Too Many Distractions – Make sure your content doesn’t distract from your goal. Keep your formatting and message focused. If your goal is to motivate an opt-in, then make sure no other calls to action or links distract from that goal.

More Than One Goal Or Tactic – It’s not uncommon to see reports packed with affiliate links, “sign up for my e-course” links, and even affiliate recruitment links. Unfortunately, this is all too confusing for your readers. Focus on one goal per piece of content for best results.

Unclear Call To Action/Goal – Do your readers know what action they’re supposed to take once they’ve read your content? Make sure your call to action is clear and actionable.

No Follow Through – Seize the moment. You’ve successfully captured your prospect’s attention, now make sure you follow through. For example, if you’re using a report to build your list, and then you don’t follow through with goal-oriented, value-driven emails you’re missing out.

Inconsistent Content Quality and Frequency – The best way to achieve business and monetization success is with a content plan that consistently and frequently delivers high quality content. Be the business that always provides value-driven content and you’ll earn the trust and respect of your prospects, which ultimately leads to profits.

Overall, the key is to be focused and make sure your audience knows exactly what you want them to do. And, of course…ALWAYS follow up!

Your Thank You Page May Just Be The Most Valuable Page On Your Site

Let’s talk about your “Thank You” page. It’s the page email subscribers land on after they sign up for your list. They are interested in what you have to say and you have their undivided attention. The big question is if you’re taking advantage of that fact by properly monetizing this valuable page on your website.

Your goal with your Thank You Page is two-fold. You want to thank readers for signing up and encourage them to confirm their signup. That’s what most list builders and online marketers do right. Where they miss the boat is when it comes to monetizing the page.

Yes, the relationship with your readers is important and you need to start building it on that page. And of course you should do anything you can to encourage them to click that link in the confirmation email. A good way to do that is to remind them that the lead magnet is just one more click away. Start your pages by making sure that happens, but don’t let them leave just yet.

Instead of encouraging them to drop everything they are doing to look for that confirmation email, present them with an offer first. Here’s how you may want to go about doing that.

Start with a simple transition like “before you go…”, then move into your offer. Keep it short and to the point. An offer that’s closely related to your lead magnet is always a good choice here. Your conversion rates will go way up if you can make it an offer that’s too good to pass up. Don’t be afraid to offer a lot of value for very little money. Your goal is not just to make a little money, but to train your subscribers to buy from you.

Getting that first sale, no matter how small is the hard part. People who have bought from you once, are much more likely to do so again. Put together a great deal and then make it a One Time Offer. The built in urgency of knowing this is a one-time deal that they won’t see again will help boost your conversion rates.

Take a look at your Thank You Page and see what you’re covering there right now. Tweak it as needed to make sure you’re getting both the confirmation email click and are making the sale. Do that and you’ll be well on your way to building a highly profitable list of buyers who are ready to take you up on offers again and again over the coming months.

Not Testing Your Opt-In Forms and Pages? You’re Leaving Money On The Table

This may sound a bit harsh, but if you’re not testing your opt-in forms, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Let’s start by talking about why this holds true and then I’ll give you a quick rundown of how you can get started with testing. Ready? Let’s roll.


How You Can Benefit From Testing

Testing your opt-in forms and pages allows you to improve your conversion rate. Instead of converting 10% of visitors to your site, some testing and tracking may allow you to make simple changes that result in a 20% conversion rate. That means your list will grow twice as fast.

That means twice as many subscribers who come across the various offers you make them on your thank you page, in your opt-in report and throughout your emails. The end result is that you’ll make twice as much money for the same amount of work you do to build your list.

That’s a big benefit in my book. It’s also gives you leverage. There’s only so much work you can do in a given day to grow your list. If you can improve your conversion rate and just a little, you get more subscribers and thus make more money for the same amount of work.

How To Get Started Testing Your Forms and Pages

Now that you know why testing is important and what a big impact it can have on your list building and your business, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of getting it done. The good news is that it’s a lot less complicated than you may think.

The autoresponder service you use wants you to succeed and grow a big and profitable list. The bigger the list, the more they can charge you and if you’re making money with your list, you’ll continue to use their service. In other words, it’s in their big interest to get you testing. And that’s exactly why they make it easy for us.

No matter what autoresponder service you use, chances are they have testing and tracking features built into your service. In Aweber for example, it is very easy to make a copy of an opt-in form or page and then set up a split test that compares one version to another. Look through the documentation and help files for your autoresponder service for more information on how to start tracking, or give customer service a call. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you get started.

Start testing and paying attention to conversion rates. Do what you can to improve said conversions and build your lists faster. It will have a big impact in how quickly your online business grows and how profitable it will be.