Some Easy Tips To Increase Your Emails’ Click Rates!

Let’s talk about how you can make your email marketing efforts more effective and profitable!

Probably the best way to track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns is via the “Click-through Rate”, or “CTR” for short.

Most autoresponder services and email marketing platforms provide you with the tools and capability to track your subscribers’ engagement within your emails. So it’s easy to always have a clear idea of your CTR.


By testing, analyzing and optimizing your email campaigns, you can
significantly increase your CTR. The higher the CTR, the more successful your marketing efforts will ultimately be.

Calculating your Click-Through Rate (CTR)

At its most basic level, figuring your CTR is done by dividing the number of subscribers who clicked a link to a landing page by the total number of messages that were sent/delivered.

Let’s say you sent out 500 messages, of which 50 recipients clicked on a link within the email. That makes the CTR 10%.

Knowing your CTR enables you to score how well you’re engaging with your subscribers.

Here are some key factors that tend to influence CTR:

1. Ensure that your message is clear and defined.

Count on most of your subscribers being busy people. They don’t necessarily
have time to stop everything they’re doing just to read your emails.

Write and layout your messages in a way that your subscribers can easily get
the point and know what it’s all about.

Emphasize any important information with bold or italics, and ensure that the emails flow smoothly. Doing this saves your subscribers time.

2. Be clear and concise with the call to action (CTA).

Before you even write any emails, determine what the purpose and mission ofeach message is. Do you want to educate your subscriber about something? Do you want to share value?


Then, determine what you want the subscriber to do after reading the email.
Once you do that, you can craft the Call to Action (CTA). You want to specifically tell the subscriber what to do.

A few examples:

Order now!

Download the special report!

Sign up for our exclusive newsletter!

Spots are limited – Register for the webinar now!

Make sure your CTA’s are highly visible and within context. It’s ok to position a CTA close to the top of the email.


By methodically testing and tweaking your emails over time, you can determine what helps or hurts your overall CTR. Split-test various content until you determine what performs best.

Doing this properly will take some time (and money), but in the end it always pays off.

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Hope these tips help you make your email campaigns into winners!

More to come!

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Want To Get More Traffic Via Facebook Ads? Here’s How!

For most marketers these days, getting quality traffic from Facebook is critical
to success.

Yet, most fail to do it profitably!


Not long ago, marketers only had to focus on getting page likes. Then they just
used that connection to leverage organic traffic via Facebook.

Not anymore.

Facebook has recently reduced free, organic reach for fan page content to a
fraction of what they allowed before.

So nowadays, it’s more important to get people coming directly to your website
from Facebook. Then you can at least get them cookied or on your mailing list.

Here are some tips to help you get more traffic via Facebook ads:

1. Remember: CONTENT IS KING!

Give your visitors a reason to visit and revisit your site, the answer is content!

Simply put, focus on adding valuable content to your site regularly. This will be
the lifeblood of your traffic generation.

The key to profiting from Facebook ads is by using CONTENT to engage your audience. Then it becomes far easier to turn them into customers, later.

Post a new original article or video on your site consistently, even if it’s just
once a week.

2. Make sure your content is shareable!

You want your visitors to be able to easily share your content with their friends,
family and colleagues. Make sure you have sharing buttons on each post forFacebook and other social channels!

If your site runs on WordPress, there are several free plugins to do the job, likeShareThis. Check the plugins section on your WordPress dashboard.


3. Have a sharp featured image for your content!

An attractive image is downright critical to attracting visitors on Facebook.
When posting your content on your page, use the image upload option. Then,
paste in your link in the text area, along with a catchy caption.

This way, your visitors will see the full-size image instead of a smaller “snippet”
that Facebook grabs from your site.

NOTE: The image’s text can only take up 20% max, otherwise Facebook won’t you let use it for an ad!

4. Use the right ad type!

With post engagement ads, you can generate targeted traffic for as low as pennies per click, and even less for sharing and engagement!

When posting your content to Facebook, you’ll see the “boost post” button
below the post. While this may be the easiest way to promote, it’s not the best.

Instead, go to Ads Manager and set up an ad for “Page Post Engagement”.
You’ll have more control to set up interests, demographics and targeting for
your audience. This assures that you won’t waste ad impressions.

These simple tips should get you off to a good start on getting more traffic with

Start small, and work your way up as you see more results.

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More to come soon!

Cheers! 🙂
Gary Gross


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Do you wish there were a quick & easy way to generate ideas instantly?
Are you afraid of people thinking your content ideas always suck?
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Get More Traffic Using Instagram!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what Instagram is.

And yes, people are getting free traffic and even making money from
Instagram every day.

Most marketers however, don’t know where to start when it comes to
leveraging Instagram for quality free traffic.

Today, we’re going to cover three easy ways that you can start getting more
free traffic from Instagram, starting right now…

So without further ado, let’s get right to it:

1. Make sure your images are watermarked.

Did you know that with a simple app, you can easily watermark your business’
or website’s logo (including your domain name) right on to your images? Well,
you do now.

Just search for “watermark” on your smartphone platform’s app store. One to look out for is called Iwatermark, but there are several others available.

Watermarking will help build your brand while getting your site’s domain out
there as people share your images on their own instagram accounts!

2. Beef up your bio!

When potential followers want to check you out, you can bet that they will browse your bio. So what better place to have your website URL?

Make your bio catchy and interesting, but keep it short and sweet. You only
have 150 characters to work with!

3. Make your comments work for you!

Be sure to include a shortened URL in your comments whenever you can fit
them in. Granted, they’re not clickable “hotlinks” when displayed within Instagram.

But they do become live when they get shared outside of Instagram, via Facebook or Twitter for example.

This is a great way to generate some sweet residual traffic. Just keep in mind that spamming is a huge no-no.
So keep your comments and links relevant and within context of whatever you’re commenting on.

Put these easy steps to action on your Instagramming, and watch what
happens. Sure, the traffic will just trickle in to start.

But over time it will buildup as long as you post good image content and engage with others.

Consistency is the key!

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Hope you find this helpful, and remember! If you ever have any questions, just
hit reply!

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3 Easy Ways To Get More Email Subscribers!

We all know that fresh leads are the lifeblood to any business, especially if
you’re marketing online!

So let’s cover some easy ways to get more subscribers added to your list.

1. Add an overlay or pop-up to your website.

Chances are that you’ve seen these on countless sites that you regularly visit.
Those colorful pop-up boxes that ask you to submit your email address.

Well, they’re there because they actually tend to work!

Yes it sounds strange, but just asking a visitor for an email address does work a
good percentage of the time.

You don’t even have to offer anything free if you don’t want to (though it may

Simply invite your visitors to subscribe with a simple, clean pop-up box, and
what what happens.

Setup is easy. If your site runs WordPress, there are several free plug-ins that
make it a breeze.

Just check WordPress’ plugins section, install, and set it up!

2. Do a promotion, contest or prize giveaway.

Running a promotion on social media is a great way to harvest email
addresses. Better yet, there are so many different ways to do it!

Whether it’s a contest, a giveaway or any other kind of offer, the sky’s the limit.

It’s all about getting people to participate by submitting an email address in
order to get something of value in return.

The best place to start is on Facebook and/or Twitter. Since they have a huge
critical mass of users and businesses, it’s easier to make a promotion go viral.

Plus, both channels provide you with tools to easily capture email addresses
from users who choose to participate in your promotions!

3. Do it “old school”.

Sure, there are countless online ways to collect email addresses. But keep in
mind that it’s also pretty easy (and cheap) to collect email addresses the low-
tech, real-world, offline way too!

Just put yourself where the people are, and ask for them!

Where can you reap email addresses old-school?

Here are some ideas:

– Conventions and trade shows. These events are fantastic for generating fresh,
targeted leads. If you’re manning a booth, have a sign-up form readily available on your table.
Whenever you’re talking with a prospect, ask them to sign up. It’s not that

– Networking events. Whether hosting or attending, simply have some signupforms on you. When mingling, just ask people if they’d like to subscribe.

– Have a brick-and-mortar business? Ask your customers to sign-up aftermaking a purchase or putting in an order.

These tips just scratch the surface. If you’d like to find out even more easy and creative strategies to get more subscribers, Check out this course, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Put these tips to work and watch those new subscribers start streaming in.

Hope this helps!

Until next time! 🙂